Nueva solución diagnóstica de COVID-19


¡Medcaptain ha lanzado un ataque! Nueva solución diagnóstica de COVID-19 recibe el certificado CE y está lista para exportar

Following a rebound in new coronavirus cases and the continuous deterioration of the epidemic situation in certain regions, as of 21st January 2021, there are over 413,000 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide in a single day. The total number of confirmed cases has reached 96,904,000 and the total number of deaths amounts to 2,071,000. The global epidemic prevention and control is once again at the highest emergency alert level. However, newly launched vaccines have brought a ray of hope in the midst of darkness and uncertainty.

The two-edged situation has brought up a long list of questions: What are the effective ways to detect the novel coronavirus? Do different stages of infection require different testing methods? Will the body acquire sufficient immunity to the novel coronavirus after vaccination? What is the way to confirm this?

All these issues can be combined into one major question: Is there an ultimate solution that can satisfy all these needs at once, from testing at different stages to confirming the immunity of the vaccinated person?

Recently, Medcaptain has launched a new COVID-19 Diagnostics Solution which includes Neutralizing antibody test (CLIA), Rapid antigen test, Rapid antibody test, IgG test (CLIA) and IgM test (CLIA). The solution has obtained CE certification and has been approved for export by the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines and Health Products (CCCMHPIE). In the field of COVID-19 diagnostics, Medcaptain is one of the first manufacturers to offer such a complete solution.

The First Certified Neutralizing Antibody Test (CLIA) from China

To provide an answer to the question whether people acquire immunity against COVID-19 after vaccination, Medcaptain has developed a Neutralizing Antibody Test, which is at the same time the World`s First Certified Test which adopts the Chemiluminescence Method.

When used together with Immu F6, the fully-automated Chemiluminescence analyzer will contribute to the fight against COVID-19 due to the following advantages:

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